Welcome at Salem Kolleg

The General Studies course that kickstarts your path at a university in a German speaking country.

The Salem Kolleg is a non-profit educational establishment situated at Lake Constance in Germany. We have developed a unique gap year that offers orientation after school and aims to support those who plan to study at university or college in Germany, Switzerland or Austria.

Many students at your boarding school may have roots in Germany but have moved and lived abroad for some time. However, they might consider returning after having gained their Abitur, A-level, high school diploma or International Baccalaureate. Other students, who have a good command of the German language, might do so too. But often questions remain, discouraging talented students from doing so:

“How does the German educational system work? Which university is the right fit for me? Will they accept my school qualification? What are my chances afterwards? Why is the reputation of German Engineering so good? Can I be a history teacher anywhere? Will I be a lawyer, an advocate, a barrister or an attorney if I study “Jura” in Germany?”

These and many other questions can be answered at Salem Kolleg. During the three terms students are introduced to many different university courses, that include humanities, natural and social sciences, are taught by dedicated young scientists, who are experts in their respective fields. To get an idea of what it is like to be a university student, it is also possible to take first year courses at the University of Konstanz nearby, which is ranked 7th in the “150 Under 50” list of Times Higher Education (THE), as well as courses at the Konstanz College of Applied Sciences (HTWG).

The in-depth potential analysis with our experienced counsellors evolves the individual interests and skills, while the exceptional Outdoor Education training programme helps to develop both, teamwork and leadership skills. These elements, complemented by choir, theatre, and orchestra, sports teams and physical education lessons, language courses and communal living on the modern campus, help our participants to “Experience. Understand. Decide.”


Please feel free to contact us with any questions via eMail or call

Tel.: +49 7553 919 610


You can find our german application and other necessary forms in the download section.


“I also came to Salem Kolleg to find out whether I like it in Germany or not. I might not have yet decided on a specific university, but I do know I want to study here now.”
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